A book with significant impact on the learning process

A book with significant impact on the learning process

All books include some but different forms of learning. But a traditional book that is directed on reading and viewing images is, according to recent research, not that effective for the learning process. At the same time as the format in itself is excellent for an open learning process. With this in mind we decided to optimise and dramatically extend the content media forms in the book. The keyword for the development is interactivity, see image below.   

A book with significant impact on the learning process

Impact on the learning process

The title of my first book that was published in 2011 was “Learning for all senses” (only in Swedish), today most content in the book is outdated after the extraordinary leaps that technology has made, but the concept remains and should be a role model. As many senses as possible should be involved when learning, where doing, creating, and performing is the engine that makes the new knowledge remain in the memory. In this spirit, the interactive book has the potential of becoming an immersive storytelling and learning experience. All the pieces to make it happen are there. It is then your creativity and performance that add the pieces together after your vision and manuscript to the book.

Personal Makerspace or Community Makerspace

SOE PublishingLab to create interactive books is now ready to meet its users – authors, publishing Houses, educational organisations and other organisations –  try it out on our FREE Author Community Makerspace, use the FREE DEMO to learn to create interactive books in a simulated environment and at the same time learn about the latest trends of learning design in general, the demo is based on my book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody, when you decide to create your own interactive books register for a FREE TRIAL, either for a personal makerspace or a community makerspace (the first will be launched within the next couple of days.) Very welcome to become a part of the SOE PublishingLab Community from the start.  

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