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Unleash Your Creative Powerhouse – Try Your Personal Makerspace FREE for 10 Days
SOE PublishingLab

Unleash Your Creative Powerhouse – Try Your Personal Makerspace FREE for 10 Days

Easily create, market, and sell your interactive books and courses.

Unleash Your Creative Powerhouse – Try Your Personal Makerspace FREE for 10 DaysInteractive content is the future of publishing and learning. Your Personal Makerspace puts you in the driver’s seat.  No technical expertise is required!  Build visually engaging interactive books or complete online courses with our intuitive tools.  Sell your work directly to your audience and expand your reach with our integrated marketplace.  We make it simple to turn your passion into a profitable venture.

Are you a writer, educator, or expert ready to share your knowledge in a dynamic way? Your Personal Makerspace transforms your ideas into interactive books and captivating courses.  Effortlessly design, market, and sell your digital creations –  all from one powerful platform. Whether you dream of publishing a bestselling interactive book or launching a thriving online academy, we provide the tools for success.


  • Effortless Design: Choose from flexible Makerspace options with or without a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) to seamlessly craft interactive books and engaging courses.
  • Instant Sales: Sell directly with PayPal’s easy-to-use buy buttons, perfect for both subscriptions and individual items.
  • Global Reach: Tap into the lucrative BiQStore Digital marketplace for maximum exposure.
  • Unmatched Support: Get the help you need, when you need it with our friendly chat support.

Pricing That Fits Your Needs:

  • EASILY CREATE, MARKET, AND SELL YOUR INTERACTIVE BOOKS AND COURSES.Simple Book Layout: €29/month or save with €200/year
  • Advanced Book Layout: €49/month or save with €390/year

Level Up with Exciting Add-Ons 

  • Boost Engagement: Supercharge learner motivation with our integrated gamification system (€75 one-time).
  • Own Your Brand: Establish a unique presence with a custom domain name (€250 one-time).
  • Expand Your Course Offerings: Integrate a full-featured Learning Management System (€250 one-time).
  • Streamline Sales: Upgrade to our advanced webshop system (€75 one-time).
Transform Your Interactive Book into a Printed Masterpiece

Your interactive book has captivated readers online. Now, bring its magic to life with a beautiful printed edition!  We offer expert guidance on translating interactive elements into engaging print experiences, ensuring your book retains its unique appeal.  Expand your reach into the thriving Swedish and German markets with our established distribution channels and optional warehousing and fulfilment services.

We offer comprehensive printed book services, including:

  • Expert Production Support: Guidance for creating interactive elements in print.
  • Market Expansion: Access the lucrative Swedish and German book markets with our distribution channels and optional warehousing.
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