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Providing the main flexible solution for
lifelong learning: Interactive Books
SOE PublishingLab is a makerspace for creating interactive books for lifelong learning, helping organisations to develop and businesses to grow, AND ENRICH AUTHORS WITH NEW SOURCES OF INCOME. Learn, create and share with our innovative tools and resources. Unlock your potential with SOE PublishingLab – Create, Develop, Grow!
Create Interactive Books for Lifelong Learning and Storytelling

SOE PublishingLab is a makerspace to develop, publish, sell and share the next generation books. Interactive books could include loads of features, everything from simple multiple-choice questions to memory games, to advanced functions like simulations and gamification. Interactive books are especially well-equipped for non-fiction and edubooks, as well as children’s and teens’ books, in other words, they serve as a vital part of today’s and future lifelong learning.  

We Help You Create Interactive Books for Lifelong Learning and Storytelling


The purpose of the format is with interactivity to empower stories and other content in the form of a book to increase motivation, and inspiration as well as makes learning more effective. The outcome is thereby an empowering experience of the book’s timeless power.

Empowered by Interactive features, Gamification and Augmented Reality

Welcome to our makerspace for integrated storytelling in interactive books!


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