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SOE PublishingLab

Providing the main flexible solution for
lifelong learning: Interactive Books

SOE PublishingLab is a makerspace to develop, publish, sell and share the next generation ebooks. Storytelling in interactive books loads with features like everything from simple multiple-choice questions to memory games, to advanced functions like simulations and gamification are included. Interactive books are especially well-equipped for non-fiction and edubooks, as well as children’s and teen’s books, in other words, they serve as a vital part of today’s and future lifelong learning.  

The purpose of the format is with interactivity empower stories and other content in the form of a book to increase motivation, inspiration as well as make learning more effective. The outcome is thereby an empowering experience of the book’s timeless power.

Empowered by Interactive features, Gamification and Augmented Reality


Storytelling in interactive books


To use Off- and Online for

PCs with Windows 10, PCs with Linux, MacBooks and Chromebooks as well as Android devices, iPhone and iPad







Android devices, iPhone and iPad



Works with most modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge and Safari

Samples of Interactive Books (no login required)

Learning Design in Practice – How to use digital toolsOliver TwistIN>D:Valley and 360 degrees comics


SOE for Integrated Storytelling in interactive books

SOE PublishingLab
PublishingLab is SOE adapted for publishing houses and educational organizations where they can develop interactive books and make their existent production more interactive.
Storyteller On Demand – We make Your Book INTERACTIVE
On Demand is a service where we with SOE produces interactive books according to the client’s demands, including everything from manuscript to a published interactive book, to adapt an existent book to an interactive format.




Books from B-InteraQtive Publishing

A Frenchman in Stockholm

Bordertraveller stories

Learning Design



“The history of storytelling isn’t one of simply entertaining the masses but of also advising, instructing, challenging the status quo.” Therese Fowler

Yes, and with interactive features, You can empower Your story. To engage more people with different forms of interactivity since it brings extra dimensions to the story.

“Things worth telling – takes time.” Nicholas Denmore

Yes, and in this spirit, the book-format is superior to all other both new and traditional formats.

“A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.” George Lucas

The story (the content) will be the driving force from which interest, engagement, and transformation will start from.

Welcome to our makerspace for integrated storytelling in interactive books!