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Our Mission: to turn the book into an interactive experience
SOE PublishingLab

Our Mission: to turn the book into an interactive experience

Manifest to turn the book into an interactive experience

SOE PublishingLab is a digital publishing platform that helps authors create, publish, and distribute their work. Our mission is to empower authors to share their stories and knowledge with the world in immersive and interactive experiences. The work method is collaborative design thinking. Where the core of the work process is that the author is collaborating with other stakeholders and technology to produce an exclusive and immersive book.

Our Mission: to turn the book into an interactive experience

The publishing industry is undergoing a major transformation, and SOE PublishingLab is at the forefront. By leveraging the power of technology, SOE PublishingLab is revolutionising the way books are published, distributed, and consumed. By integrating the simplicity of the book format with gamification, simulations, and later into the metaverse and artificial intelligence, while at the same time over-bridging the gap between the real- and the digital world with Augmented Reality technology. 

At the heart of SOE PublishingLab’s mission is the idea that books should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial means. And, at the same time, to be empowered with the latest technology to enhance the readers’ experience, in order to make learning more effective and engaging, and storytelling more immersive. To that end, SOE PublishingLab has developed a platform that allows authors to self-publish their work or collaborate with publishing houses or other stakeholders to make their work available to readers around the world. This platform is powered by a suite of tools that make it easy for authors to create, format, and distribute their books, by themselves or in collaboration.

In addition to making books more accessible, SOE PublishingLab is also making them more affordable. By leveraging the power of technology, SOE PublishingLab is able to reduce the cost of publishing and distribution, making books more affordable and delivering more added value to readers. 

Finally, SOE PublishingLab is also making books more interactive. Through the use of augmented reality and other technologies, SOE PublishingLab is making books come alive. Readers can now experience books in a whole new way, with interactive elements that make the reading experience more engaging and immersive.

SOE PublishingLab is transforming the publishing industry in a number of ways. By making books more accessible, affordable, and interactive, SOE PublishingLab is helping to create a more vibrant and diverse publishing landscape. This is a transformation that is sure to benefit both authors and readers alike.

The next generation ebooks

Our Mission is to provide a makerspace for creating, editing, and publishing interactive books. SOE also includes sharing, marketing, and sales tools. This is integrated storytelling with interactive features that empower your story/content. We offer a creative environment to develop the next generation ebooks, including advanced support services for the benefit of storytelling and lifelong learning.

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