The Next Generation eBooks is here!

The Next Generation eBooks is here!

The Next Generation eBooks is here!We offer three steps to get to know, manage creative projects in general and create interactive books – the next generation ebooks. A concept that works perfectly both as a digital book or in a printed book with interactive features. 

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Step 1: Learn about project management of interactive books and learning design in a simulated learning environment. Here you learn and practice to develop interactive books and even to empower printed books with interactive features.


SOE PublishingLab Author Community MakerspaceStep 2: Sign up free for the Author Community Makersoace site to try out to create interactive books where only the simple layout is activated. This means that You use the Interactive Book feature in the Interactive Content menu that includes an easy to use interface with loads of integrated interactive features. On this community site you cannot publish Your book outside the community and not sell it, but you can easily copy Your book to a Premium Account whenever you like. You can choose between different Premium Account options: Personal Makerspace, Theme-based Community Makerspace soon, and soon also Makerspace for your Organisation.

SOE PublishingLab FREE TRIALStep 3: You can register for a free trial account and start developing Your own interactive book. At this stage there are two options, you can register for either a community account, if your book is about a subject that is related to one of our subject-communities or you can propose that we start one. The first community sites will be available in January 2023. The second alternative is a personal account with your own makerspace, and the third is a makerspace for your organisation that will be launched in February 2023.

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