Interactive Lifelong Learning – A book with significant impact Part 2

Interactive Lifelong Learning – A book with significant impact Part 2

With integrated features like full multimedia coverage including interactive video, everything from simple true-and-false-questions to fully functioning simulations as well as gamification and AR, this makes interactive books a generally immersive and integrated format for interactive lifelong learning and storytelling. As you can see in the pyramid below, the power of the interactive book starts where the traditional book formats ends. While rather telling, the traditional formats have a passive top-down approach, when an interactive book has a more active bottom-up approach.  

Interactive Lifelong Learning - A book with significant impact Part 2

In a learning perspective as you can see above it is obvious that the more interactivity, the more stays in the memory. In a lifelong learning perspective this makes the possibilities with an interactive book really empowering for the learning process as well as storytelling. At the same time as you keep the power of the book’s exclusive capabilities. All the pieces to make it happen are there. To learn more about this, please go to our free demo, which offers a simulated environment to generally improve your learning design skills and create interactive books.

This should also be seen in the light that lost are the days when lifelong employment was a possibility to dream of for the youngsters leaving school for the working life. It was an industrial society reality and possibility that does not exist in the digital society. Today the destined path of lifelong employment has been erased in favour of lifelong learning. In this spirit the chunks of knowledge delivery that the formal industrial society school system produced has to be transformed to learning causality and more favour learning in practice. Interactive books are one of the tools that can pave the way for such development. 

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