Visit our exhibition space on Frankfurter Digital Buchmesse October 14-18

Visit our exhibition space on Frankfurter Digital Buchmesse October 14-18

Interactive Books with Gamification and Augmented RealityPlease visit our virtual stand at Frankfurter Buchmesse

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eLearningworld Europe AB with its subsidiary B-InteraQtive Publishing is participating in the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt October 14-18. Where our main target is to show, present and discuss our PublishingLab- and On Demand- services for interactive books. Please come by to take part in our offers, as we are just a few clicks away from your current location.

SOE PublishingLab for interactive books

Our services on our platform SOE PublishingLab are especially well adapted for interactive books for learning, children’s and teen’s books as well as non-fiction books in general.

The features of the platform include about 30 different interactivities, including integrated gamification and augmented reality. Maybe a teacher might be even more interested in the essay feature that makes a basic automatic evaluation of the task, or the pronunciation feature that automatically gives feedback of the learner’s mistakes. SOE PublishingLab also includes a results management module for the teacher to follow up on the results of different tasks.

On the our website you find samples of interactive books and more information.

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