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SOE PublishingLab is a makerspace, a creative zone, for the development of interactive books. Where the main target groups are authors, publishing houses, teachers and educational organisations. The features on the platform are characterised by flexibility, versatility and advanced technology that not requires any programming skills and are very easy to use. The user can totally focus on empowering the stories and other content with different forms of interactivity. There are three basic forms of book layout. Where the choice mainly depends on if the book mostly is based on text, multimedia or interactive features, as well as differences in design.

Features for development of interactive books

It is also possible to combine different book layouts in different ways. Below follows examples of interactive features that are available on the platform:

+AIStoryteller – reading book-texts in many languages (AI-based)
+Advanced multiple-choice module
+Timelines with integration for Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and SoundCloud.
+Soon we will also integrate Augmented Reality features

In total there are 30 main features for interactivity and a manifold of possible combinations.

The publishing formats are progressive interactive books for all forms of devices and OS, native interactive books for Android and iOS, as well as online books.

Target Groups

Authors, publishing houses, teachers and educational organizations

MORE ABOUT THE FEATURES in INTERACTIVE BOOKS and other details, including presentation video about the workflow of a project Click for MORE INFORMATION

Storyteller on Demand


More information will be published soon and the possibility to try it out… Please contact us with questions below:

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