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About the demo

First thing first … In this demo you will find the first chapter of the interactive book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody that is open for everybody without any registration. In this audio-based version of the book that includes interactive features, You will learn about the trends and developments within the field of book design, learning design and digitization in general.

Chapter 2-3 of the interactive version of the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody is the next step in the demo. For these chapters you learn about interactive features and tools on the platform in an overview, as well as, project management of interactive books and creative projects in general with the 6iModel. Login is required for these chapters, since you are creating your own project and doing other tasks that require a personal account. In this way you will also have access to the demo and its learning features and instruction when you register for your free trial account and start developing your own interactive books.

Chapter 4 does not correspond to the fourth chapter in the book, but instead it is an interactive and detailed introduction as well as hands on guide to develop interactive books. It also has a different structure than chapter 1-3 since it is developed as a simulator including hands on tasks. Where You practice management of interactive book-projects. 

After these steps you will be more than ready to start developing your own interactive books in SOE PublishingLab.

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