Interactive Book Design


Since the ebook first appeared to a mass market audience the focus has been directed on converting the printed book concept into a digital format. This included reading and/or listening where the improvement was limited to the distribution of the book. However, as I come from a background in developing eLearning content where interactivity and user-friendliness are keys to success. I decided to combine the book with interactivity with the user in focus, the result is now here, the interaQtive book.

This introduction to interactive book design will also serve as the first chapter in an interaQtive book with two editions. The first is targeting teachers on all levels with the title “Learning Design – Pedagogy of Coding & Media Literacy”. The other is more general in its approach including chapters about personal branding and digital marketing. The main pillars of both editions are publishing, digitization, UX design, and entrepreneurship/future working life. Where the engaging driving forces are putting the 6iModel into practice with a hands-on approach and integrated storytelling. More about this you can read in my book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody.

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