Chapter 4 Interactive Book Design – An Introduction

1. iReader Experience:  Your attention as an author of an interactive book should be directed on the balance between, text, image, video and interactive features. Basically, it is depending on the idea, structure and purpose what the balance should be like. Where one possibility could be to make the iReader a co-creator in the book. For instance, where the iReader is following a path of her choice in a story with different endings. Your challenge to the iReader should be; do it!

2. Integration: By describing –” what happened?” – which mean summarising in a way that boosts the iReader’s engagement and improving understanding. Furthermore, this should work to integrate the iReader in the story or other forms of content for further exploration. Qualitative feedback in general about the content and progress in the book is one possible useful way forward. Gamification mechanisms with achievement feedback is a proven concept to boost engagement.

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