Chapter 4 Interactive Book Design – An Introduction

To write an interactive book is different from writing a manuscript for traditional book design. Since you have a manifold of features to empower the experience for iReaders (the user). The interactive features generate possibilities to turn the engagement of a text into activity. We call it integrated storytelling.

In this introduction to design an interactive book four basic structures or layouts are presented. Interactive book design also includes five basic driving forces in the writing- and developing process. But also, four characteristics of iReaders that must be taken into account in this work. The last is one of the differences between traditional book design and interactive book design. Since it is even more important with the latter to use a design thinking approach. This means to write and develop from the prerequisites of the iReader.

This introduction also includes the practical use of 6iModel. It is a design thinking approach for project management. Where the driving forces are creativity and innovation. This introduction is focusing on the idea stage of the 6iModel.

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