Chapter 4 Interactive Book Design – An Introduction

Book layout in detail Systematic stories and content

This is stories that describe a formal complex interacting phenomenon. Where one of the main characteristics is that it includes all components in a system and how these components affect each other. One example is how a new policy affects different individuals and departments in an organisation. Another could be how a car-engine work. In both cases, the focus is on the functions in a closed system, not the result. Interactive videos, simulations, gamification mechanisms and augmented reality features are some of the interactivity that works well to empower stories and content with such a structure. In this case, the basic purpose is integrated into the concept, to show/describe how something works. The idea gives the subject or rather which closed system to focus on. This means that the idea, structure and purpose are predetermined, and all focus can be directed on the description and how to empower it with interactivity.

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