Chapter 3 Introduction for Gamification in Practice

Gamification basically includes the following ingredients:

Go -> the trigger – what can engage learners to start and then come back to your learning environment.

Aim -> the individual and organisational goals and to put them in practice in engaging gamified mechanisms.

Make -> how to create an engaging gamified “system” and what the users should “make” of it, in the form of learning efficiency, outcome, and benefits.

Entertain -> how to make it entertaining to the learners’ delight and to reach the learner’s- and organisations’ goals.

What is described above is really the next step of the web’s development from information to socialising and now to actually learning by doing. These dynamics of gamified mechanisms can be implemented beyond a digital learning environment. As it could be included in almost all processes that require some kind of performance, both in the digital- and the physical world (as you can also manually add points, achievements etc. to learners).

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