Chapter 3 Introduction for Gamification in Practice

How? Gamification toolbox and practice.

What will be the outcome for a learning environment if you are putting mechanisms that more than a billion people use every day around the world? Not because they have to, but because of intrinsic motivation, meaning Go, Aim, Make, Entertain = GAME. This does not mean that you should turn your learning environment into an online computer game, but instead that you use the power of game-mechanisms and implement them in your learning processes. The general term is Gamification and the output learning, engagement and behaviour improvement after your requirements. Below follows five vital points to Engage with Gamification:

  1. Define your specific goals with the gamified environment. What do you like to achieve with your gamified environment? Socialising, exploring, competing, creating, problem-solving, managing, collaborating or something else?
  2. Let the user engage in an authentic story with integrated tasks.
  3. Focus on intrinsic motivation with extrinsic rewards as a bonus.
  4. Problem-solving tasks should be included.
  5. Make it entertaining!

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