Chapter 3 Introduction for Gamification in Practice

Purposes of Gamification in a Learning process.

The engine of a gamified learning environment is based on individual and/or group performance. Such an environment has more similarities with working life than traditional school education. Thereby gamification can be a functioning bridge between the school and its efforts to prepare the students for the working life.

In addition, gamification could also probably benefit to lower the number of dropouts from the school system. In a report from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 467 high school dropouts were asked why they left school 47 per cent responded: “The classes were not interesting.”

Meaning that the classes were not engaging enough, and they could not see the benefits for their future everyday life and working life. With performance-based gamification for learning where understanding and creativity is required added with a more authentic visual environment the number of dropouts would probably be much lower.

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