Chapter 2 Learning by doing design

How to build a learning lab

  1. Set the goals and vision for the learning environment.
  2. Devices and curriculum – the decisions on these areas should be made at the same time from a shared vision.
  3. Integrate digital literacy security, meaning safeguards, so that no student or teacher is left out because he or she is not able to use the digital benefits accurately.
  4. Decide and implement a digital content and tools strategy and make it work with the traditional learning environment. How is this strategy helping the students to reach their educational goals? This is the main question to ask when you are making your choices.
  5. Decide how to make use of the data digital learning applications produce to improve the learning experience for the students to reach better results.
  6. 70/20/10, these numbers are magic in the field of workable learning design. The model 70/20/10 was created by researchers at the Center for Creative Leadership and state that a learning environment should consist of 70% exercises in practice, 20% interaction with other learners and 10% formal education. The model is based on research of successful managers and besides leadership education, it also often works as a great guide for learning design of lifelong learning in general. The recipe with blended learning focusing on learning by doing often boosted with digital tools has great prospects to give a good outcome.

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