Chapter 2 Learning by doing design

The Lab

The Lab is a learning environment where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are being shaped. The method is trial and error where learn to code is one possible “Lab” that directly produce this. In the interactive book “Learning Design – Pedagogy of Coding & Media Literacy” a chapter put this subject into practice. Where recent research suggests a different and more familiar starting point for teaching coding than traditionally has been the practice.

Other interactive features that produce such an environment is serious games or gamification experiences or a simulation for instance on how to start a fictional business. In this way, she is building a portfolio of direct results of her learning for her future professional career. This is a foundation to build businesses and generally as a window for her lifelong learning efforts. The learning portfolio is an excellent way of putting the CV into practice. To give strong indications of the three big C:s that will the main driving forces in the digital society: Creative-, Collaborative- and Communication skills.

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