Chapter 2 Learning by doing design
Simple simulations
In this content type, the author defines a series of questions with alternatives, where each alternative is matched against one or more paths within the simulation. Where it is not necessary to include right and wrong answer. Instead, it is the consequences of the learner’s answer that is interesting. It is a perfect tool to learn causality and consequences and other forms of evaluation and analysis. Please try out the interaction design analysis tool on the next page. The interactive book Learning Design Media Literacy and Pedagogy of Coding includes a content analysis tool and also a source analysis tool.

The scenario of the task on the next page is that 1. you should choose a digital learning content or a website. 2. Evaluate the interaction design with support by the tool. The tool uses a step-by-step approach and at the end you will receive the result of your analysis with feedback. Feel free to try it out several times and with focus on different content to evaluate. In combination with the content analysis tool and source analysis tool mentioned above, both you as a teacher and the learner will get a great overview of any digital content you choose to evaluate. At the same time as you learn the process to evaluate if you do not have the tools available.

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