Chapter 2 Learning by doing design

Documentation Tool
The documentation tool aims to make it easy to create assessment wizards for goal-driven activities. It can also be used as a form wizard. While editing, the author can add multiple steps to the wizard. In each step, the author can define which content goes into that step. Content can be plain text, input fields, goal definition and goal assessment. Once published, the end-user will be taken through the steps of the wizard. On the last step of the wizard, the user can generate a document with all the input that has been submitted. This document can be downloaded. Let’s try it out on the next page where you as an example is using the 6iModel in a project management scenario. The 6iModel consists of six stages, the idea stage, identifying stage (these stages is the stage the following scenario focus on), imaging stage, initiation stage, implementation stage, and indication stage. The complete scenario that goes through all stages is included in the interactive book: Learning Design Media Literacy and Pedagogy of Coding.  

  1. Scenario, please, think about an idea of how a classroom lesson supported with digital tools could be structured. Go through the wizard on the next page to describe your idea.
  2. When you have gone through the steps of the idea stage go to the next page where you test your idea test with the wizard of the indicating stage.

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