Chapter 1 Rapid learning design

Differences between an interactive book and an online course.

From this background, the output can be an interactive book or an online course for self-studies, collaborative or/and with tutor support. However, the difference between what is an online course, or an interactive book in an overview could be recalled as rather vague. However, while an interactive book is an extended version of the traditional eBook. Where the books traditional features of deep learning and a learner that often goes back and forth between the chapters are complemented with interactive features. It focuses more on activating the learner and adapt to her requirements of flexibility, personal learning paths and repetition. While an online course has a starting point and the linear path towards the end that corresponds to the work process of the old industrial society’s assembly lines. If you are creating a curriculum a combination of an online course and interactive book often is the best solution. Where the interactive book produces deep learning and understanding with curiosity as an important driving force. The goals are not necessarily integrated within the format, although it could e.g. with an integrated gamification system (more on this in the 4th Chapter). The online course format is more directed on the process and reaching integrated goals.

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