Chapter 1b

Multiple-choice Simulation

Such a simulation can be used in many ways. This includes everything from testing the understanding of a book chapter with feedback. To actually co-create a story as the iReader follows a path after the choices that are made in the simulation. In this way, the whole book can be a multiple-choice simulation. With the possibility to integrate other interactive features in the simulation. Another more advanced way to use this form of interactive feature is to build modules to analyse external phenomena. For instance, source analysis, content analysis or design analysis, the latter you find a basic example of below.

How does Design Evaluator work? This is one of three parts of the Design Evaluator. Purpose of the tool is to learn about design in practice and at the same time help the iReader evaluate digital content and other forms of design. It was originally developed by Boström Consulting© with support from research from Mid Sweden University and Linköping University.

Choose a website to evaluate and click on “Start Evaluating” to try it out. Remember that this is only a part of the Design Evaluator. The whole simulator will be included in the interactive book “Learning Design – Pedagogy of Coding & Media Literacy” as well as an independent unit.


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