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eLearningworld Market offers a functional, flexible and stable marketplace to sell and/or market digital books, courses other applications and software. We offer services to sell almost all available formats and packaging, as well as offer many different market channels. Our sales-consultants give advice according to every client’s unique requirements.

The offer to publishing houses, educational companies, other organisations, self-published authors and developers etc. that are interested to sell their products, courses and services on eLearningworld Market consists of the following:


Alternative 1:
Sell on eLearningworldNET keep 100% of the revenue (minus the PayPal fee). Pay only for a monthly subscription per title for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. For larger amount of titles 10+ discount is available.

Alternative 2:
Provision-based reseller- or distribution-agreement


eLearningworldNET is well adapted to handle all forms of online-based- and downloadable products, with possibility to also sell printed books.

#eBook epub-, pdf etc. – optional DRM
innovation#Audiobooks – optional DRM
#Packages with products of different formats

(Advanced system for buying and download of digital applications with encrypted links etc.)

More Alternatives >>>>

This format focuses on distribution with pay per view-method or subscription-method, which means that the customer has access to the book during limited time.

Online-based eLearning applications: 
Subscription, Pay-per-view, One-off-buy for installation on your own website


Applications for learning: 
Applications is sold via our channels on Google Play, Apple Appstore, Windows Store

(Printed non-fiction books:
One-off-buy and perhaps distribution-agreement)


Discount coupons
Dynamic discount coupons
Quantity discount

Payment with:
PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, America Express
innovationInvoice when buying 10+ products

The international part of eLearningworldNET includes an application to handle EU VAT-rules for digital products and services.

Currency: Swedish part SEK and the international part €uro


- Discount-codes can be used during a limited time or during the whole subscription-period (included in the subscription-model)
- Production of video-interview or author reading, or video-ad for product or service
- Sponsored story – we publish a story about your products, service or organisation on our media-sites, .se and/or .gr that either we, you or an external writer has written.
- Sponsored BrandNote in our news-feed (included in the subscription-model)
innovation- Banner-advertising on, .se and/or .gr (included in the subscription-model not Big banner 1050x350 front-page)
- Big banner 1050x350 front-page
- Banner within a longread story
- Banner in the right field
- Social media on demand consulting



Additional service: Sponsored story on, .se and/or .gr

innovationAdditional service: Sponsored BrandNote on in the news service

Additional service: Freemium campaigns: Send tweet for download

Additional service: Banner on, .se and/or .gr

Price Examples (excluding VAT)

  • Banner ads –  terms for advertising. Formats: Image ads, Video ads and textads. From €10 per month
  • Brand Notes means short news items to inform about your business, products, services or whatever you want to inform about. From €50
  • Sponsored Story means editorial longread stories about your business, products, services or whatever you want to inform about. From €100
  • Marketplace – sell Your books, ebooks, other eLearning applications and software etc. on eLearningworldNET. Subscription: From €15 per month. Buy a year and get two months free. Provision-based from 20%-50% depending on marketing package.


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