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"To build bridges between digital learning and everybody that has taken up the challenge with Lifelong Learning." LarsGöran Boström, founder of eLearningworld Europe AB
We offer Marketing and Selling of digital books and other applications
is a part of eLearningworld Europe AB
that also includes the editorial websites elearningworld.gr/eu/se. The purpose with website is to develop a marketplace that offers the most innovative and effective solutions for learning. We can sell all forms of digital learning applications as well as web-based courses.


+Non-fiction books, applications and courses
+The system manage downloads, pay-per-view, subscription
+The customer pays with creditcard or PayPal


+Consulting services for social media
+Content Marketing on eLearningworld Media (eLearningworld.eu/se/gr)
+Banner Advertising on eLearningworld Media (eLearningworld.eu/se/gr)
This service gives access to our technology neutral learning platform for development of online-based course-material with result management. From these online-materials you can then also create applications to sell on Google Play, Apple Appstore and Windows Store. We offer support so that reach the best possible result. (will be launched soon)
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